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The Outlet


Educate and empower youth to become successful and productive adults, by equipping them with useful tools to be successful in life.


We envision a community where every youth experiences a variety of positive and encouraging relationships that provide a sense of belonging and allows each youth the ability to achieve their full potential both individually and as

The Outlet is an individual, group, school, and community-based prevention service program serving youth ages 10-21, residing in Franklin Ohio.



  • Reduces social isolation
  • Reduces depression symptoms
  • Increases personal individually
  • Builds a culture of accountability
  • Proven & positive outcomes In the lives of youth afforded the opportunity to participate

Educational and Empowerment Programs:

  • Improve academic achievements
  • Increases social awareness
  • Spur creativity and interest in productive, necessary skill sets and trades


  • Fosters a safe environment
  • Encourages open dialogue
  • Flexible structure allowing for the immediate needs of the participants to be addressed
  • Primarily uses two evidence-based programs.

Mentoring Matters

  • less likely than their peers to skip a day of school.
  • less likely to skip class. of young adults who had mentors aspire to enroll in and graduate from college.
  • less likely to start using illegal drugs.